Highland Main Line

Compatibility: Train Simulator 2021
The Highland Main Line is circa 118 miles in length and runs from Inverness in the North down to Perth in the South.

Highland Main Line will be available as a 'stand-alone' route for Train Simulator 2021 and also as an extension for the Just Trains Kyle Line - Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh route.


  • Inverness
  • Carrbridge
  • Aviemore
  • Kingussie
  • Newtonmore
  • Dalwhinnie
  • Blair Atholl
  • Pitlochry
  • Dunkeld & Birnam
  • Perth

Development Updates

12 February 2021

Here's a look at some very early progress on various assets for the Highland Main Line,these are currently being developed by one of our asset creators and are some of the more mundane structures on this route that are nonetheless important to give the route an accurate and realistic feel. You will find below In-development screenshots of a number of the assets including:

Aviemore Shopping Outlets:
These shops in their unique style have been created to give the High street the correct look, so far we have created two of the shop rows and the Cairngorm Mountain Shop, the main arcade will then follow once the station model is created later this year. The Macdonald Holiday Tower has also been developed as this can be seen from a distance when approaching the town. 
Small Church:
This church sits below the viaduct at Tomatin and has been created to give the small valley a unique look, the stone viaduct here will also be created in due course followed by the famous structure that spans the Findhorn Valley soon after, which will be a challenge similar to Bennerley Viaduct on our Erewash Valley Route. 
Chieftain Hotel:
This unusual looking hotel sits alongside Millburn Road and the yard just outside Inverness station and is visible on the approaches. 
Tore Mill: 
This huge structure sits on the opposite side of Millburn Yard at Inverness and will be visible from the main line,the cement terminal in Millburn Yard will also feature to give the area extra detail.
Cairngorm National Park Sign:
These signs feature across the Cairngorm National Park but this specific one is located at Slochd Summit and is clearly visible alongside the line,these smaller features will add to the overall feel of the route. 
Kingussie Footbridge:
This tall footbridge spans the line just north of Kingussie station. 
Moy A9 Bridge:
One of the many points where the A9 trunk road crosses the Highland Main Line,a large amount of these tunnels will be created due to the differing heights and angles at various points where the A9 crosses the railway. 
Slochd Overbridge:
This overbridge has its breeze block top included which features only on the South side. Slochd is the first major summit on the route from Inverness, following 23 miles of mostly 1 in 60 gradients! This bridge is the final one before entering the cutting and crossing over the summit and descending at 1 in 70 towards Carrbridge. 




Highland Main Line
Train Simulator 2021