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Standard 4MT Advanced

Free Weathered Versions Download

To accompany the default liveries included in the recently released Just Trains 4MT Standard Advanced locomotive package for TS2014, Ben Yates has kindly created some excellent FREE weathered versions of the loco as well as tenders sporting the late and early British Railways crest.


The weathered versions are: 


Default loco with moderate weathering


Default loco with heavy weathering


Default tender (no weathering) with LATE crest


Default tender with intermediate weathering and EARLY crest


Default tender with intermediate weathering and LATE crest


Default tender with heavy weathering and LATE crest



So if you own the Just Trains 4MT Advanced and you want to get dirty, then download the FREE weathered versions now. (You will, of course, need to have the 4MT Advanced already installed in TS2014 to use these new textures!)




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