Two new German loco's for Train Sim World

DB BR 155 and DB BR 182
1 May 2019

Two new German loco's from Dovetail Games are now on sale for Train Sim World - both are priced at £11.99 / €13.99 / $19.99.

The DB BR 155 electric freight locomotive comes in the Traffic Red livery and is equipped with authentic operating controls in the detailed driving cabs and fully functioning SIFA and PZB 90 safety systems. Three engaging scenarios and an interactive tutorial for Ruhr-Sieg Nord are included and the 'Electric Container' features accurate performance and handling, driving position height adjustment, wiper and headlights.

 Train Sim World: DB BR 155 Loco Add-On

The new DB BR 182 electric passenger and freight locomotive package comes with DB DoppelStockwagen (DoSto) vehicles with Control Car and features highly authentic driving cabs with interactive controls and accurate performance and handling. The DB BR 182's distinctive 'melodic' acceleration and deceleration motor sequence is present and correct and three engaging scenarios and an interactive tutorial for Rapid Transit are included.

Train Sim World: DB BR 182 Loco Add-On