Gift Cards

Giving flight or train simulation software as a present, or asking friends and family for a present for yourself can be difficult when there is such a vast choice. Take the guesswork out of present giving and buy someone a gift card – or ask your friends and family to buy you one when they ask "What would like as a present?".

We have a handy list of FAQs at the bottom of the page to help before you buy.


Buying a gift card is very simple. However, it doesn't use the usual Just Flight or Just Trains checkout – instead everything including payment is carried out on this page within the gift card purchase system.

Simply click the buy button next to the amount you’d like to purchase. Then, choose whether the gift card is for yourself or somebody else, fill out the requested details and click continue. The next step will ask for the recipient's email address, when to send the code (if you selected somebody else as the recipient), and payment details – credit or debit cards only.

If you need to change any details prior to payment you can use the dots below the gift card graphic to move back to previous steps.

The cards are not physical items (although we may look at doing a printed version in the future).

Once purchased they are sent by email to the buyer or to the recipient if you have bought the card for someone else. You can also specify a date for delivery to the recipient if you don’t want it sent straight away.

To use your gift card simply add the product(s) you’d like to purchase to your basket and continue through to the checkout.

If you have any Just Flight or Just Trains discount codes you can enter them at the basket. But – don't enter the Gift Card details here – that comes at the point of payment.

At the payment selection stage of the checkout you should see a section labelled "Gift Cards & Just Rewards", enter your gift card code in the space provided and click the redeem button.

After a second or two a message will appear below the redeem button displaying the new order total. Click the continue button to get to the order review page where you can see the remainder left to pay and make a payment – or complete the order if the total is zero.

To check the remaining balance on a gift card simply visit (this page) and click the "Check a gift card balance" link below the gift card purchase section.

Gift cards expire after 24 months from the date of issue. This means that if you use the "Send on a future date" feature it’ll be 24 months from the date you selected the card to be sent, not the date you buy the gift card.

All cards purchased display the issue date and expiry date.

This message will appear if you are trying to use a gift card or check the balance of a gift card that is no longer valid or is for a different currency to that in which the website prices appear. For example, a gift card for £10 cannot be checked or redeemed by somebody who is based in a € or $ region.

Our website uses geolocation to determine the most appropriate currency for site visitors. As a general guide GBP (£) is used for UK visitors, EUR (€) for those in EU member states, and USD ($) for those in the Rest Of The World (ROW). If you would like to purchase a gift card to send to somebody in a different currency region, please contact Support providing details and we’ll try our best to help you do that.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds on gift card purchases if you’ve changed your mind, no longer need the gift card or haven’t used it. If you’ve made a genuine mistake when purchasing a gift card, please contact Support and we’ll try our best to help resolve your issue.