Isle of Wight & Class 66 (Download)

Compatibility: Rail Simulator, RailWorks 3
Class 66 Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Class 66 Class 66 Isle of Wight Class 66 Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Class 66 Isle of Wight Class 66 Class 66 Isle of Wight Class 66 Isle of Wight Class 66 Class 66

Take to the tracks in a brilliant new expansion pack featuring the unique Isle of Wight railway and the famous Class 66 diesel locomotive.

Travel round the picturesque holiday island in the Class 483 - these ex-London Underground trains have been given a new lease of life on the Isle of Wight and are the oldest trains in mainline service anywhere in the UK. For a change of pace, power and era you can also drive the 1915 Kitchener Class 0-4-0ST 'Invincible' on the IOW Steam Railway.

Back on the mainland, rail sim enthusiasts also get the chance to drive the finest freight hauler in the business - the Class 66 diesel locomotive. With an extremely detailed train and a realistic cab to drive it from, the haulage experience is made complete with a set of highly authentic sounds. If you want to be in double-header heaven, then this locomotive is for you!

The combined package comes with a set of scenarios for both the Isle of Wight and the Class 66 and is set to broaden the appeal of Rail Simulator even further!

  • Isle of Wight route features the Island Line and IOW Steam railway, with authentic rolling stock and a total of 17 scenarios spanning both lines
  • Drive the classic 483 ex-London Underground trains or the 1915 Kitchener Class 0-4-0ST 'Invincible'
  • The Class 66 locomotive comes in six different liveries with seven enthralling scenarios
  • Drive the Class 66 in scenarios on the default Rail Simulator Oxford-Paddington, Hagen-Siegen and Bath-Templecombe routes
  • Additionally there is a Free Roam scenario featuring all six liveried Class 66s available that can be driven from Didcot
  • The Class 66 is also available for use in any player created scenarios
  • All trains feature detailed cabs and accurately modelled train physics
  • Developed by RSDL – the team behind Rail Simulator


After the flood
In 1999 heavy rainfall caused damage to the line, stranding a four-car train at Shanklin over Christmas. It is December 27th and the water has subsided. Take a passenger train from Ryde, making the usual stops on the way, before rescuing the stranded train at Shanklin. Then return to Ryde with this unusual six-car train.

And so to bed
After a busy day the Steam Railway is closed. Stable all the rolling stock in the correct locations at Havenstreet before you finish for the night.

Island Line Day Rover: Part 1
Purchasing an Island Line Day Rover ticket gives passengers unlimited travel over the Island Line and the Steam Railway. After they have spent an afternoon enjoying the seafront, take a large group of tourists on a trip to Shanklin before letting them alight at Smallbrook, where they will use their tickets to join the Steam Railway in Part 2. This scenario will not penalise you for deviating from the timetable in general but you must arrive at Smallbrook before the steam train departs.

Island Line Day Rover: Part 2 (Available only in Rail Simulator)
Some passengers have just completed a trip on the Island Line; you are now going to take them on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. Starting at Smallbrook Junction, drive the line all the way to Wootton.

Isle of 'White'
It has been snowing for days in a cold snap. The island is covered in snow and it shows no sign of letting up. Things have been running smoothly so far but problems could be just around the corner.

Last train standing
Just as you are about to finish your shift you hear the last train of the day has had a malfunction on the Up line at Ryde St Johns Road, leaving the last few stops unfinished. Take the 002 train and complete the final stops which are a round trip to the Pier Head from Ryde St Johns Road. Then you can finally stow your train for the night. This scenario does not require adherence to a timetable.

Let the music play on
It is the first day of a major music festival as well as high season so many people are riding the Island Line today. Drive a four-car service, typical for this time of year, on a round-trip of the line on this blistering June afternoon.

Lightning strike (Available only in Rail Simulator)
A tree was struck by lightning at Wootton, causing the track to be obstructed. Volunteers have broken down the debris but you must drive to Wootton with a couple of empty wagons to clear the remainder so the line can reopen.

Lights! Camera! Action!
A major studio has hired stock and use of the line to shoot scenes for a movie. The weather is suitably dramatic and the crew is ready to start. Can you follow the directions and complete the shoot?

Much merriment and cake
It is 2002 and the new Griffin’s Sidings at Havenstreet are being officially opened. Drive the W37 Invincible into the sidings for a ceremony before embarking on a round-trip of the line, ending with a cake cutting at Havenstreet.

Santa Special
Drive a Santa Special train on a snowy late December afternoon. The carpet of fresh snow has turned the line into a beautiful Winter Wonderland. This is a return trip to Wootton starting from Smallbrook Junction.

Shanklin sunrise
It is a typical October morning and you are driving the first service of the day out of Shanklin.  Drive the whole line to Ryde Pier Head as the island wakes up. You do not have to stick to the timetable for success, but passengers must be picked up from each station except Smallbrook Junction.

Solent Night
It is Christmas Eve afternoon and the sun is already low in the sky. You are midway through a shift, having just completed a stop at Brading. Continue your shift as the sun goes down, finishing at Smallbrook Junction where a special steam train will depart for a seasonal Santa Special.

Ticket to Ryde
To celebrate the continued success of the Steam Railway, an event is taking place where a steam engine takes to the main Island Line and drives to Ryde Pier head. Take a train of specially invited guests and members of the press on this historic journey from Havenstreet.

When the wind blows
There was a major storm in the night and many trees have blown over. There are also reports of the track being obstructed with debris at Brading and Sandown so the damage needs to be cleared before a normal service can start. Take a crew out in a personnel carrier and drop them off at Brading and Sandown.



Free Roam from Didcot Parkway
Choose from a selection of freight trains powered by the Class 66. Along the way you may also find other trains to choose from.

Power hungry
Due to engineering at Avonmouth, Didcot coal supply is temporarily coming from a new facility east of London. You’ll be driving a loaded coal hopper train on its last segment to the power station.

A consignment of fuel needs to be transported to Oxford for the DMU fleet that stables there. The tanks are located in a siding nearby, but have been blocked in by the shunting of container wagons. Pilot your locomotive around the yard to reach them. Once coupled up, you’ll be heading north to Oxford for delivery. Be vigilant of the signals as the traffic on the Oxford Mainline can get busy.

Beer run
Bring your initial wagons to Littfeld Brewery, where two more wagons loaded with barrels from the brewery are waiting to be picked up. Attach these to the rear of your train and head for Kreuztal Yard where the beer will be exported.

Your turn for maintenance
Cross the turntable and attach the coaches to the rear of your locomotive. Then advance onto the main line and move north to Kreuztal. Pass through Kreuztal yard and stable your train at Kreuztal freight shed where it is due an inspection.

Taking the Mainline
Load your last six flatbed wagons with the container loader before leaving for Altena. Depart once the signals allow and bring your container wagons to Ha-Kabel which is your final destination.

A different time
To start with, couple to the fully loaded coal wagons in the marshalling yard, and then head up towards Bath. Make a stop at Radstock where all wagons will be delivered. Finally, continue to Bath Green Park where your locomotive is needed for the next shift.

"Great attention to detail... a whollly convincing add-on... it should be included in any collection" (Isle of Wight)...  "Impressive software... a must-have" (Class 66) Train Sim Magazin Germany

System Requirements:

  • RailWorks 2, RailWorks or Rail Simulator
  • PC with 2.6GHz equivalent or higher processor
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 256Mb graphics card
  • 2.0Gb hard disc space
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • 1.8Gb hard drive space
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Packshot for Isle of Wight & Class 66 (Download)
All the content from the Just Trains Isle of Wight and Class 66 add-ons in one package!
Travel round the picturesque holiday island in the ex-London Underground Class 483 EMUs and explore its steam railway in the 1915 0-4-0ST Invincible. Back on the mainland you can drive the Class 66 haulage heavyweight in six liveries with a realistic cab, authentic sounds and a very high level of detail throughout.

Download size: 335 Mb (learn about downloads)

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