LNER V2 Advanced

Compatibility: Train Simulator Classic
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The V2 locomotive was derived from the Class A1/A3 Pacifics and was fitted with a shorter boiler and smaller diameter driving wheels than the A1s/A3s but still employed the three-cylinder monobloc arrangement. The V2 was used in many tasks, from hauling freight to express passenger services, but was no lightweight and thus was restricted for use on some lines. The locomotive was arguably one of Sir Nigel Gresley’s last great legacies before his untimely death in 1941. At one time 186 strong in number, they are considered by many to have been one of his most successful classes, thanks to their exploits both substituting for Gresley Pacific classes on express passenger trains and revolutionising the fast-fitted freight.

This Just Trains LNER V2 Advanced add-on comes with three driving options (Advanced, Intermediate and Simple), optional ActivHints help system and ActivFireman, a sound set created from a recording of Green Arrow storming the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and, of course, all the features you have come to expect from The Just Trains Advanced range, such as a fully modelled 3D firebox interior, wheelslip, advanced and photorealistic smoke and steam effects, stunningly detailed models and a variety of realistic liveries.

For the first time in a Just Trains product, the original British Rail ATC (Automatic Train Control) system is simulated on the British Railways liveries.

Also included are Just Trains Mk. 1 coaches in several liveries, now with updated brand new steam heat scripting, and the excellent MatrixTrains Teak coaches . The LNER V2 Advanced is Quick Drive enabled and comes with 13 Standard Scenarios that offer around 18 hours of driving time!


Three driving options are available:

Advanced - the default locomotive mode, featuring complex controls with realistic operations and reactions to give you the most authentic experience possible.

Intermediate - disables damage modelling and minimises the complexity of the controls in Advanced mode, such as removing the steam chest effect, reverser lock and creep, and the train length affecting brake performance.

Simple - the ‘Stop/Go’ control mode, which provides you with the absolute bare minimum of driving controls.


LNER & British Railways era collection

The V2s wore many different liveries with a number of variants in their careers with the LNER and BR:

  • LNER/British Railways Doncaster Green
  • LNER/British Railways Darlington Green
  • LNER/British Railways Unlined Black
  • British Railways Lined Black
  • British Railways Lined Green & Kylchap Double Chimney BR Lined Green
Corresponding Type 2 and Type 3 4,200-gallon tenders are also included.

Preservation collection

4771 Green Arrow has worn two former LNER and BR liveries in her preservation career. So we offer you three versions! Here at Just Trains we’re so dedicated to detail that we decided the small differences between the loco when she was painted LNER green in the 1970s and 1980s and when she returned to LNER green as she is currently warranted separate models packed with those separate details.

  • LNER Doncaster Green No. 4771 (and tender)
  • British Railways Lined Green No. 60800 (and tender)
  • LNER Doncaster Green 2000s (and tender)


MatrixTrains LNER Gresley Teak coaches

These exquisite models include a beautiful passenger view, updated textures, updated simulation, updated audio and the Just Trains steam heating effects. The LNER Gresley Teaks are in LNER Varnished Teak in three states of cleanliness, and BR Crimson & Cream and BR Maroon liveries with intermediate weathering.

There are different sets of varnished teak coaches, with each set showing different states of wear and tear, different wood grain patterns and colours, different coloured frames and wheels etc. Mix and match as many coaches from the original MatrixTrains pack and the three Just Trains Editions to create highly authentic and diverse teak trains.

  • Brake Composite Corridor
  • Brake Third Corridor
  • First Corridor
  • Restaurant Composite
  • Sleeping Composite
  • Third Corridor (TK)

Upgraded Just Trains Mk.1 Coaches

These are complete with passenger view, a unique leaking steam effect from the coach heating system and connecting vacuum hose pipes and steam heat pipes. The steam heating can be turned on and off from the locomotive footplate control. The coaches include brand new steam heat scripting with advanced random leakage and pressure propagation effects – you can see the steam slowly travelling from the locomotive end of the train to the other end! The textures have been significantly enhanced, with more realistic shading and colouring, and the sounds have also been improved.

The LNER V2 Advanced package sports the biggest collection of Just Trains Mk.1 coaches yet, with liveries including BR Maroon, BR Crimson & Cream, BR Chocolate & Cream, BR Corporate Blue & Grey, WCR Red, West Highland Line Tourist Apple & Cream, Kyle Line Tourist Apple & Cream, and introducing the all new Intercity Executive livery.

  • Brake Standard Open
  • First Open
  • Tourist Standard Open


The This training system can be toggled on and off at any time. It provides useful hints and tips for operating the loco and also informs you of where you are going wrong and how you could improve your practice, or of urgent matters such as low water in the boiler.


When activated, ActivFireman will take over the firing responsibilities so that you can just enjoy the drive. ActivFireman is more intelligent than the default host simulation fireman, by knowing when you need a large fire and responding to a lack of steam production or excess steam lifting the safety valves.


Fully replicating a realistic steam locomotive in Train Simulator is simply not possible, but we have added features which bring that dream closer to reality and give you a genuine feeling of what the real locomotive is like. The Advanced locomotive features include:

Detailed and authentic audio - the sound set has been created from a recording right next to the smokebox of Green Arrow storming the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. noisy run sounds and track joints are just some of the additional features of the sound set.

Two types of regulator valve - the V2s were originally fitted with a single simulated split-cast double-beat valve, of the Owen balanced type, but the regulator was changed to a more modern single seat type that proved to be much safer. The original regulator is simulated on the Doncaster and Darlington Green, and unlined black historic models, whereas the BR Lined Black and Green liveries and preserved Green Arrow models are simulated with the later, less leaky type.

Operating snifter/anti-vacuum valve - protects the cylinders from damage when there is no passage of steam through the cylinders.

Realistic reverser behaviour - the reverser lock is required to lock the reverser in place when the driver is not moving it, to prevent it from creeping into forward gear.

Reverser lock - the reverser must be unlocked before it can be moved.

Davies & Metcalfe vacuum ejector with realistic brake simulation - features include vacuum brakes that take longer to apply or release depending on the length of the train, the simulated diffusion of air into and out of the train pipe, and brake behaviour being dependent on the type of train being hauled:

Scripted British Railways Automatic Train Control (BR liveries only), Automatic Warning System and Train Protection Warning System (4771 2000s preserved only) - for the first time in a Just Trains product, the original British Rail ATC system is simulated, on British Railways liveries only. This system was the direct precursor to the modern AWS that most of you will already be familiar with.

ActivScript wheel animation, wheelslip and wheelskid - correct simulation of the wheel animation. The driving wheels will accelerate with wheelslip, decelerate to a halt during wheelskid and turn in the opposite direction of travel if the reverser is wound back into the opposite gear.

Chuff sounds and exhaust effects - always accurately synchronised with the wheel position, even during wheelslip and wheelskid.

Quillable whistle - produce different notes and play tunes on the whistle by dragging the whistle levers up and down.

Weather and seasons have a direct effect on adhesion - if the heavens suddenly open and you can soon find yourself in a whole heap of trouble as the precipitation begins to build up on the rails!

Realistic water levels and gauges - see the photorealistic water level rise and fall with gradients, while also sloshing back and forth during acceleration and deceleration, and oscillating as the water in the boiler boils over.

Permanent damage and solvable performance suppressions - includes simulated cylinder explosion due to an excess of water in the cylinders,  the virtual loss of connecting rods when wheelslip goes out of control, and the Gresley conjugated valve gear breaking due to middle valve overrun when coasting at a cut-off greater than 25%.

Fully modelled 3D firebox interior - with fire, fire bed and coal animations.

Realistic damper and fire temperature control - Use both the main damper wheel to control the main air stream through the fire bed and the fire flap to control the secondary air through the fire hole in the cab.

Intelligent and advanced firing - ‘lumps’ of coal are thrown into the fire instead of a steady stream. Closing the fire doors automatically turns off the firing control. The fire glow gets paler and brighter as the locomotive works harder, while flashing in time with the exhaust.

Davies & Metcalfe exhaust injector - use exhaust steam from the cylinders, or automatically switch over to live steam from the boiler when the steam chest pressure is very low.

Tender controls - drag the tender water feeds down to provide water to the injectors, click on the LNER hand oil lamp for some light in the cab when it gets dark, and turn the handbrake.

Steam heat control - see the steam leaks from the carriage steam heat pressure relief valves and sometimes shoddy piping! The gauge will rise to maximum pressure at a varying speed depending on how wide you open the valve. A random leak rate will be slightly different each time you drive.

Intelligent communication between Advanced locomotives – couple one or more V2s together, or double-head with a Just Trains 4MT, Clan, 5MT, V2 or Manor for synchronised control of cylinder drain cocks and regulator, and for communicating with a little toot of your whistle!

Advanced and photorealistic smoke and steam effects - see the main smoke stack change density and velocity with the change in blast pipe pressure and change colour with stoking and the change in fire mass. See the steam leaks from the safety valves and chime whistle flutter with the air flowing past the loco at speed, and notice the steam emissions from the cylinders in time with the motion.

Highly realistic and detailed external animations - these include loco brake linkage, cab side windows, cab sliding roof hatches and realistically moving mechanical lubricators.

Visible raindrops - these will appear on the windows of the exterior model.

Advanced AI - AI trains whistle when starting to move and open and close the cylinder drain cocks automatically. In bad weather AI trains may even wheelslip and apply the sanders intelligently. For other loco’s in the player consist, such as in double-headers, other V2s, K4s, 7MTs or 5MTs have a more ‘human’ personality in their response to the player driver and loco.

Headcode - change the headcode to whatever you like, whenever you like, or via the number string in the Scenario Editor. Player and AI loco’s can both have their headcode pre-set in the Scenario Editor for additional scenario authenticity.

LNER handlamp - stowed on the tender’s locker on the fireman’s side.

Driving in a double-header - before you start to move off, you should inform the other driver that you’re ready to go by pressing [B] to give a short toot on the whistle. The other driver will put his loco into gear and, once he is ready, will toot back to you. Once he has tooted back, you can set off.

Steam chest - there is a delay between opening/closing the regulator and the subsequent change in steam chest pressure and the supply to the cylinders. The delay varies depending on how saturated the internal steam pipe system is and how much the main valves are open. There is also a simple implementation of the piston valve action controlled by the reverser.

Operating independent loco and tender brake - the locomotive and tender are braked by vacuum via the main train pipe and do not have an independent brake control. However, the loco and tender brakes can be released even when the train brakes apply. Releasing the vacuum reservoir will allow the loco and tender brakes to release whilst the brakes on the rest of the train remain applied.

Authentic vacuum brake - the vacuum brake on the V2 Advanced locomotives is of the Davies & Metcalfe type, which was popular on the larger vacuum-only locomotives on the LNER.

Cylinder drain cocks - operated via a series of levers and a steel wire from the cylinder cock lever on the fireman’s side of the footplate.

Priming - priming is simulated and must be avoided to stop the cylinders getting damaged!

Realistic injector performance and steam usage - Unlike the BR Standards, the water valves under the driver’s and fireman’s seats are only trimming valves to adjust the flow rate – they do NOT turn off the water! You must use the tender feed valves to start and stop water flow from the tender.

LNER gravity and steam sanders - using sand depletes the sand level in the sandbox, and when the sandbox is empty the sanders can no longer apply sand to the railhead and improve adhesion. When driving in Advanced mode a finite quantity of sand is available for the sanders, so don't run out!

Cabview camera positions - this locomotive uses the Train Simulator multi-position cabview camera to provide various driving positions, including a head-out view out of the side windows that allows you to continue to grab the controls with the mouse and have full freedom of head movement, and a view of the internal firebox to monitor the fire. You can see all the realistic animations of the exterior model from your cabview positions.

Animated exterior model cab controls - look into the cab from an exterior camera and you will notice the regulator, reverser and brake moving, as well as the fire roaring away behind the animated firebox flap and door.


All the supplied scenarios are fully compatible with Advanced, Intermediate and Simple modes.

Please note that not all the following routes are included in Train Simulator by default and are not supplied with this software. You can purchase them either from the Just Trains website or from the STEAM store.

Routes followed by ‘Steam’ in brackets can be purchased from the Steam website:

Routes followed by ‘Just Trains’ in brackets can be purchased from the Just Trains website:

Note: At least one of the scenarios requires the Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack for some of the rolling stock used. You can purchase this pack from the STEAM store.

The total duration of these scenarios is approximately 18 hours.

Weardale & Teesdale Network Route Add-On (Steam)

JT V2 – Fast Fitted Freight
Duration: 60 minutes
Drive a V2 on an express freight from Durham to Darlington on a cold afternoon in December 1963. Whatever the weather these important trains still have to make their vital deliveries!

JT V2 – King Coal
Duration: 60 minutes
Make an early morning light engine move from West Auckland to North Beechburn Colliery before hauling a heavy rake of coal wagons back to Shildon.

JT V2 - Progress, what progress?
Duration: 80 minutes
A Type 2 has failed at Wolsingham with a train for Newcastle. Work light engine from Bishop Auckland to collect it and haul the ensemble to Durham.

JT V2 - Rambling Railtour
Duration: 80 minutes
Haul a 13-coach railtour from Durham to Darlington,via Barnard Castle and a run round manoeuvre.

JT V2 - The Elizabethan
Duration: 50 minutes
Drive a V2,covering for an A4 on 'The Elizabethan' from Darlington to Durham, diverted via Bishop Auckland due to engineering works on the East Coast Mainline.

East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-On (Steam)

JT V2 - The York Festive Flyer
Duration: 100 minutes
Drive 4771 Green Arrow on its last departure from Kings Cross on 25 November 2006 – it's a sad day in the career of this fine locomotive!

Newcastle to Edinburgh (Just Trains)

JT V2 - The Edinburgh Express
Duration: 120 minutes
Drive 60800 Green Arrow on a railtour from Newcastle to Edinburgh on a glorious July afternoon.

Woodhead Route Add-on (Steam)

JT V2 - Hot and Heavy
Duration:45 minutes
Haul a heavy fitted freight over the Pennines from Dinting to Sheffield in the scorching afternoon heat. Will you be able to keep up with the needs of this roaring monster?

JT V2 - Troop Train
Duration: 80 minutes

Drive a 15-coach train filled with American troops on an early morning working over the Pennines from Manchester. Your LNER V2 will be tested to the maximum on the steep climb to Woodhead Tunnel!

Settle to Carlisle Route Add-On (Steam)

JT V2 - The Cumbrian Mountain Express (2000)
Duration: 100 minutes
Drive 60800 Green Arrow from Settle Junction to Carlisle on the beautiful morning of 10 June 2000. Will everything go according to plan on this simple yet challenging route?

Western Mainlines (Just Trains)

JT V2 - Paddington V2
Duration: 200 minutes
Take 60800 Green Arrow on a returning railtour from Cardiff to Paddington.

Riviera Line in the Fifties (Steam)

JT V2 - On Hire to the Western Region
Duration:45 minutes
A V2 has been placed on hire to the Western Region and it's up to you to show what it is capable of! You will haul a 15-coach Summer Saturday special from Exeter to Paignton on a wonderful July afternoon in 1952!

JT V2 - War Horse
Duration: 30 minutes
In the middle of WWII a V2 is sent on hire to Newton Abbot depot to cover for their lack of powerful freight locomotives. You will be tasked with hauling an 18-coach troop train between Newton Abbot and Exeter on a December night in 1943.


The LNER V2 Advanced is Quick Drive enabled.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2022 / Train Simulator Classic

    Note: Some of the included scenarios require the European Loco & Asset Pack and routes which are not included with this V2 Advanced add-on (available to purchase from STEAM or Just Trains).
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GB graphics card
  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 5.5GB hard drive space
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LNER V2 Advanced This LNER V2 Advanced collection features historic LNER and BR loco's as well as three different versions of the famous Green Arrow, all with matching tenders.

The V2s include numerous Advanced features to bring you the ultimate steam driving experience, upgraded Just Trains Mk.1 coaches, a custom set of MatrixTrains' LNER Gresley Teak coaches and 13 scenarios for a variety of routes with a driving time of around 18 hours.

Download size: 1.7GB

Usual Price: US$23.99
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Earn up to 36 points.