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Compatibility: Microsoft Train Simulator
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This beautifully preserved working railway of yesterday that you can ride today has been faithfully re-created for Just Trains by Blue Arrow TS.

It comes with official endorsement from the National Railway Museum and the Severn Valley Railway themselves. Severn Valley Railway Train Sim Pack is an incredibly high quality re-creation for Microsoft Train Simulator of the preserved steam railway line, locomotives and rolling stock that runs for 16 miles from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth.

Locomotives, carriages, scenery, sights and sounds are all here! Accurately depicted stations and halts along the route are modelled, starting from Kidderminster and including Bewdley, Northwood Halt, Arley, Highley, Country Park Halt, Hampton Load and Bridgnorth.
Featuring highly are the thirteen steam and three diesel locomotives painstakingly re-created from research of their real-world counterparts, along with the period-accurate rolling stock from the six types of carriages to the nineteen liveried goods wagons, which include four different brake vans.

Locomotives have custom-made cabs for you to drive and the carriages all have passenger views. The Standard 4 cab view is aliased to the Black 5 cab.
Sound-wise, the Severn Valley Railway provides a vast cornucopia of custom delights, from the hissing of the steam and the clanking of the track to the sounds of activity in the stations - all recorded from the real thing. You can even hear the birds singing and the noises from the local Safari Park!
Realistic animations abound, with tractors working the fields, locally styled cars and trucks driving around and even birds flying. When your loco is low on fuel, just pull up to a water tower or shunt into the coal yard and watch the water tower arm swing out and the coal loader fill up your bunkers.
The route itself is painstakingly recreated to be as accurate as Train Simulator will allow. The track has accurate semaphore signalling and a set of activities are included to test your driving skills.
Train Sim - Severn Valley Railway is officially endorsed by both the Severn Valley Railway itself as well as the British National Railway Museum (NRM). 

Rolling stock

Thirteen authentic steam and three diesel locomotives painstakingly recreated from detailed research of their real-world counterparts with animated, detailed running gear and highly accurate dynamic driving properties modelled into each locomotive.
Locomotives have authentic detailed cab views, where possible, and are re-created from the actual locomotives. Licence has been used for locomotives that are no longer available to refer to and take images of.
All the steam locomotives have flickering ash pans and glowing smoke above the cabs as well as visible driver and firemen when viewed from the outside.
Six type of passenger coaches liveried in LMS, Gresley Teaks, and MK1 Liveries. The Mk1's liveries include, Maroon, 'Blood and Custard' and Western Region liveries, making a total of eighteen liveries complete with passenger views.

Route and scenery
All scenery is custom developed. No default scenery is utilised. Scenery placement is as accurate as possible within the constraints of the host simulation.
Custom daytime sky and clouds are featured.
All the stations capture the ambience of night lighting as seen on the Severn Valley Railway. Night driving really shows how stations were lit in the old GWR days. The ornamental lamps on SVR are an important feature of each station.
Flowers and trees are made from digital images. Note the planters, hanging baskets and flower tubs along the route at stations.
Accurate local scenery. Local businesses feature at Bridgnorth, Bewdley and Kidderminster. A car showroom can be seen at Bridgnorth, and the Old Rope Factory at Bewdley, Shops and the football ground at Kidderminster are visible, plus the mainline station.
Coach and engine sheds can be driven into, including the largest building in Worcestershire, which is the new SVR coach shed at Kidderminster. Diesels only are allowed to enter the new coach shed.
The West Midlands Safari Park can be seen besides the track.  Zoo animals can be seen here along with visitor traffic, and even boats can be seen on the Trimpley Reservoir.
All houses and buildings are photo-real. Faces of buildings use digital images taken from 17,000 images during the product's development.
Bridges and viaducts are mainly photo-real. The magnificent Victoria Bridge is an important feature of the product, and a high level of detail has gone into the model.
22 activities include a variety of shunting details, driving school details, present-day passenger traffic and a few surprises. All activities will test the user's driving skills, as the Severn Valley Railway has a speed limit of 25 mph along the route, with 5, 10 and 15 mph limits in places. Therefore the driver has to pay attention or will over-speed. There are also 'Santa Specials' activities. Shunting will feature heavily in the activities.

Custom sounds
Authentic sounds recorded on the locomotives are used in the engine sound files. Custom trackside sounds and bogey flanging sounds are employed.  This really brings the Severn Valley Railway alive with incredible outside and inside track sounds, brake squeals, flanging, point crossing sounds plus much more.
Engineering work sounds can be heard at Kidderminster, near the coach sheds, at Bewdley near the workshops, and at Bridgnorth around the boiler shop and yard.
All animals and animal sounds are custom-made. There is an abundance of wildlife and farm animals in the package, with sounds to match each scene. Bird song will be heard all along the route, given that the journey travels 90% of the time through the countryside.

You will see road traffic besides the track - cars, vans and trucks are reproduced from local traffic. The included road traffic sounds are recorded from the six towns along the route.
Animated Easter eggs can be found along the route, including two boys flying a radio-controlled aeroplane at Highley and a young boy flying a kite near the Country Park Halt. Hot air balloons can be seen along the route. At Kidderminster you will see the animated loading of a coal lorry. Watch out for more animated Easter eggs.
All coaling refuelling points are animated, as are the diesel fuel points.
Water cranes are animated. Coal loaders are animated, showing the coal being tipped into the tenders. When the loader bucket tips the coal it becomes empty.
Some fields along the route have animated tractors and ploughs, with birds following the machinery. Animated birds can be seen at other locations.

Period-style Semaphore signals are accurate, taking into account constraints within MSTS; the signals are placed as per the Severn Valley Railway track schematic to within a few metres.
BR = British Railway black livery:
BR 8F 48773
BR 1501 British Rail Pannier Tank 0-6-0 PT
BR 7714 British Rail Class Pannier Tank
BR Black 5 45110
BR Ivatt 46443
BR Manor 7819
BR  Standard 4 tank 80079
BR Green Liveried:
BR 4566 in BR Green Livery British Rail Small Prairie Tank 2-6-2
BR Manor 7802 in BR Green Livery.
GWR = Great Western Region green livery:
GWR 2857 British Rail Class 2-8-0
GWR 5764 Pannier Tank 0-6-0
GWR 060 ST 813 Saddle Tank 0-6-0ST
GWR Hall 4930
Diesel locomotives:
D1013 Western Ranger Daytime cab.
D1013 Western Ranger night time cab.
D3022 Class 08 shunter.
MK1 type
MK1 CK Maroon
MK1 FO Maroon
MK1 SK Maroon
MK1 BSK Maroon
MK1 Western Region
Postal type:
Gresley type:
Gresley 3rd Class open
Gresley Buffet
Gresley 3rd Class brake
Gresley 3rd Class Brake R.
LMR = London Midland Region railway:
 LMR 3rd Class Composite
LMR 3rd Class Corridor
LMR 3rd Class Open
LMR Buffet
LMR 3rd class brake

Coaches class and livery key

FO BC = First Open seating - Blood and Custard livery.
TSO BC = Tourist Second Open - Blood and Custard livery.
SK BC = Corridor Second - Blood and Custard livery.
CK BC = Corridor composite (First and Second class seating) - Blood and Custard livery.
BSK BC = Brake Second Corridor - Blood and Custard livery.
BG BC = Full Brake (baggage coach) - Blood and custard livery.

Freight livery key
GWR = Great Western railway.
LMS = London Midland and Scottish railway.
SR = Southern Railway.
LBSC = London, Brighton and South Coast Railway
16T Coal wagon
20T Tanker
Cadburys Van
GW6T Van
GW18ft. Van
GW18ft. Van 01
GWR 20T Brake Van
GWR Banana Van
GWR Conflat
GWR Gunpowder Van.
Highley 7 plank
LBSC 5 Plank
LMS 3Plank
LMS 20T Brake Van
SR 8 Plank
SR 10T Flat Wagon
SR Brake Van 01
SR Brake Van 02
SR CCT 1174

“I found it hard to find fault with this product. The overall quality of both the route and rolling stock is second to none” British Railway Modelling

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Train Simulator
  • 1.2GHz PC
  • 128MB RAM (256MB for Windows XP)
  • 64MB RAM for Windows 2000/XP (128MB recommended)
  • 32MB+ 3D graphics card
  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  • 1.25GB hard drive space
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Packshot for Severn Valley Railway
This highly detailed route of the preserved Severn Valley steam railway line for Microsoft Train Simulator includes all 16 miles of the route from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, thirteen steam and three diesel locomotives, six types of carriage and nineteen liveried goods wagons.

Stations and halts along the route are accurately depicted and this add-on also features custom sounds, realistic animations around the route, and accurate local scenery.

Download size: 813 Mb

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Earn up to 76 points.