ZZA Snowplough PlusPak

Free to all Just Trains Newsletter Subscribers

This free ZZA Snowplough PlusPak is a gift from Just Trains to the RailWorks and Rail Simulator communities in appreciation of all your support - we hope you'll enjoy it.

This expansion package for RailWorks and Rail Simulator features the ZZA Snowplough (Independent Driftplough). ZZAs are based on the bogies of disused locomotives from the 1960s, and fleets of them are placed around the UK ready for use when the weather turns snowy and lines need to be cleared.

This package includes two versions of the ZZA - one with snow ploughing and sound effects, and one which does not display these effects so it can be used in non-snow conditions. Also included are a detailed manual and three scenarios to drive on the default routes and the Just Trains Newcastle to York Modern route ( not included).


ActivWagon scripting for RailWorks
- The ZZA Snowplough PlusPak features Just Trains ActivWagon™ scripting exclusively in RailWorks!

This intelligent coding gives you features that would not normally be available. RailWorks users can take advantage of ActivScript to control the sounds and visual snow effects as well as the forward-facing steady white lamp and the rear-facing flashing red tail lamp.

As Rail Simulator does not support scripting, the sound effects and front/rear lamps are not present and the snow effects run all the time when the ZZA is used in Rail Simulator.