Just Trains Demos

Please note: a copy of the relevant host simulator may be required

China Railways Series 22 Coaches Demo
The Demo includes the YW22B 2nd sleeper coach with cabin view and the YW22B middle coach without cabin view. The full product manual is included as well as two scenarios - one for use on the China Railways SS7C Electric Locomotive + ChengYu Part 2 route and Rolling Stock Pack available to purchase from Just Trains and the other for use on the Horseshoe Curve pack available to purchase from Steam.
   Filesize: 195MB

London to Brighton Scenario Pack demo
Try this 'Croydon Express' demo scenario from the London to Brighton Scenario Pack! NB: The Scenario Pack requirements are also needed for operation of this demo scenario.
   Filesize: 4.2MB

Cargowaggon Flat IGA
Cargowaggon Flat IGA Demo for use in Rail Simulator
   Filesize: 9.4MB

Cargowaggon IWB
Cargowaggon IWB Demo for use in Rail Simulator
   Filesize: 9.4MB

YGB Seacow PlusPak
YGB Seacow PlusPak Demo for Rail Simulator
   Filesize: 10.1MB