Midland Main Line: Hope Valley Extension

Compatibility: Train Simulator 2022
Midland Main Line: Hope Valley is in the early stages of development.  

This challenging route links Sheffield to Manchester via the stunning Hope Valley before passing through Stockport and the suburbs of Manchester finally reaching Piccadilly station. The route is a 55 mile addition to our Midland Main Line series of routes and will allow users to drive from Sheffield to Manchester via both Stockport and Reddish North. On its release you will be able to drive services from Manchester right through to Nottingham as well as a variety of other workings such as stoppers to New Mills Central and many of the freight trains that traverse the Hope Valley.
The route will be available both as an extension for Just Trains' Midland Main Line: Sheffield-Derby route or as a separate route for Train Simulator users who do NOT have the Midland Main Line route installed.

Although completion is still a long way off we'll be issuing regular updates on this page, dated accordingly.  Enjoy the updates.

Development Updates

04 November 2021

Here's a quick development update on the Midland Main Line: Hope Valley.

You'll find below a new selection of in development screenshots showing the latest progress on the route. These feature a cement train on the section between Bamford and Chinley as well as a group of images showing 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' on a railtour navigating the steep climb to Cowburn Tunnel before racing through Edale and onwards through Hope towards Grindleford.

Hope you like the shots, aim is to bring more news and new shots prior to the New Year.


23 June 2021

Here's a new selection of In Development screenshots showing work in progress sections of scenery between Ardwick and Cowburn Tunnel near Chinley,the summit of the Hope Valley Route. Enjoy the shots!

13 January 2021

So another part of our Midland Main Line network is now underway. The Hope Valley Line will prove a popular new section to the network and you can rest assured of the highest quality as per the rest of the Midland Main Line.  Just to start off here's a set of initial screenshots just to give you a taster.  Keep up to date on this page with our regular development updates that will include screenshots, videos and more. 


Midland Main Line: Hope Valley Extension
Train Simulator 2022