Midland Main Line: Nottingham-Lincoln Extension

Compatibility: Train Simulator 2021
Midland Main Line: Nottingham to Lincoln is in early stages of development.
This route links Nottingham with the picturesque city of Lincoln via Newark-on-Trent. The route is a 36 mile extension of our Midland Mainline series of routes and will allow users to drive from Nottingham to Lincoln as well as Newark Northgate to Lincoln. Upon release if you own the required routes you will be able to drive services from Leicester to Lincoln, Newark Castle to Matlock and a multitude of freight workings throughout the route.
The route includes custom models for all 14 stations along the route along with custom modelled multiple points of interest.
This route will be available as an extension which will require both the Just Trains' Midland Main Line: Sheffield-Derby route and the Midland Main Line: Derby-Nottingham-Leicester Extension. Or as a separate route for Train Simulator users who do NOT have the Derby-Nottingham-Leicester Extension for the Midland Mainline route installed.

Development Updates

06 July 2021

So to the initial Development update for this new MML route. Here are a set of initial screenshots set between Newark-on-Trent and Lincoln. We'll be bringing you more shots and details as the route progresses. Stay tuned for the updates as they appear.

Midland Main Line: Nottingham-Lincoln Extension
Train Simulator 2021