South Western Expressways - Reading

Compatibility: Train Simulator 2021
The South Western Expressways - Reading route adds 40 miles of new scenery from Pewsey through Newbury to Reading, as well as the line from Bradford Junction to Chippenham, this pleasant high speed route, also known as the Berks and Hants allows trains to bypass Swindon and Bristol on their way from Paddington to the South West and is a key artery for both passenger and freight workings.
In addition to 40 miles of new track the rest of the South Western Expressways network is to be revamped with our new track, beyond this we’re revamping the foliage, terrain and scenery of the original SWEX route to match the quality of the new section. The route from Pewsey to Reading will add 11 new custom stations and new buildings and bridges will also be added to the original route meaning that the product becomes more immersive throughout.  Once complete the network will be feature over 200 miles of main line track.

South Western Expressways - Reading will be available to existing owners at a discounted price.

Development Updates

29 March 2021

Our upcoming South Western Expressways - Reading route continues to progress nicely. Here's our latest Development update with screenshots showing a selection of stations and lineside scenery along the Westbury to Reading section.

These images show: Hungerford, Kintbury, Newbury Racecourse and Midgham Stations, all very different from each other, from a countryside remote station to the racecourse near Newbury these stations all have their own characteristic and style. Alongside the station locations you will also see Colthrop Level Crossing Signal Box, Westbury Yard, and other areas of interest. Enjoy the shots.

22 February 2021

This latest development update shows images around Bedwyn,one of the more important stations on the "Berks and Hants" as it is where there is a turnback siding for stopping services from Reading. The station has been modelled in FGW condition, it is very much still a work-in-progress as pictured with further additions to come including car stop markers and a shelter.   Enjoy checking out that details!


26 January 2021

Here's a quick look at how a custom built station gets developed.  It looks way more simple than it actually is here. 

Here are some in development pictures of Pewsey station from the early stages of modelling through to completion, this is the first of many custom stations to be placed on route alongside some all-new signage and station clutter.  All our stations start with an export of the track that has already been laid in the game by one of our route builders. The station is then built from there using photography research as well as other reference material like google maps to provide the most accurate representation.

A notable bit of history for the station is the original footbridge was replaced with a second-hand one brought from Cookham before being replaced again in 2015, however, due to the era of the route we have modelled the Cookham bridge rather than the current footbridge.


04 January 2021

Here are a set of initial work in progress screenshots for this new route.  We'll be bringing you more shots and details as the route progresses.  Stay tuned for the updates as they appear.


South Western Expressways - Reading
Train Simulator 2021