Midland Main Line: Buxton and Peak Forest Extension

Compatibility: Train Simulator Classic
This extension to Just Trains' Midland Main Line route for Train Simulator Classic will add over 25 miles of new route, including some of the most rugged landscapes in England.

Featuring the steeply graded 17-mile passenger line from Hazel Grove to Buxton, this picturesque route also incorporates the complex network of freight lines around Buxton, including the quarries at Tunstead, Dowlow, Hindlow and Dove Holes.

This route includes the connection from Peak Forest to Chinley South Junction, meaning you can drive directly onto the Hope Valley Line.

Development Updates

12 September 2023

Welcome to the next Development Update for the 'Midland Main Line: Buxton & Peak Forest Extension'.

This update centres on the interesting branch between Buxton and Great Rocks Junction. This line once formed part of an important network of routes which once continued through Matlock to Derby, though these were closed in the 1960's. The images we have included show the former Ashwood Dale Works and tunnel and the disused ground frame which controlled the junction for Topley Pike Quarry. Also shown is the point at which the former Manchester, Buxton, Matlock and Midland Junction Railway headed off towards Derby at Millers Dale, the sharp curve towards Great Rocks once formed part of an important junction and is at the western end of the modern day Monsal Trail.

The section of line between Great Rocks Junction and Buxton is steeply graded which should provide a great challenge when driven in Train Simulator Classic. Finally, a single screenshot is included illustrating the end of our route at Dowlow Quarry, the rails once went beyond this point to Ashbourne and ultimately Uttoxeter.

That's it for this update, we hope you enjoyed it. We look forward to showing you more next month.

25 July 2023

Welcome to our next Development Update for our Midland Main Line Buxton & Peak Forest Extension.

Here we take a look at the passenger section. The featured screenshots give you a look at Buxton Signal Box, which controls the passenger line to Hazel Grove and beyond but also the freight only lines from Great Rocks Junction and Hindlow Quarry. Also shown is a foot crossing which is located near the summit of the Hazel Grove line, between Dove Holes and Buxton. Finally, we're pleased to show a number of shots of the detail work taking place around Dove Holes station.

Hope you enjoy the latest screenshots, we'll have more to show next month.

15 June 2023

Welcome to the next Development update for the Midland Main Line Buxton & Peak Forest.

Here we show the work-in-progress scenery in the freight hub of our route surrounding Peak Forest. These screenshots provide your first look at what, for many, will be the most exciting part of the route, and from where some of Britain's heaviest freight trains depart. Included are images of Great Rocks Junction, Tunstead Tarmac, Peak Forest station site and stabling sidings, Great Rocks Tunnel, and the adjacent Amco Tunnel, which is a part of the Tunstead Quarry complex, the quarries themselves have yet to be modelled and will be included in future updates.

Hope you enjoyed this brief update.

17 May 2023

Welcome to the next Development Update for our Midland Main Line: Buxton and Peak Forest Extension.

Today, we look at the area around Chapel-En-Le-Frith including the station, complete with its signalbox which still controls a small number of semaphore signals around the station area. Also included are screenshots showing the point at which the A6 road runs alongside the Buxton-Hazel Grove line between Dove Holes and Chapel-En-Le-Frith, before plunging into Barmoor Clough Tunnel.

And we've included a screenshot of the portal of Eaves Tunnel along with a couple of general scenes along the line. As always all of these screenshots show work-In-progress content! Hope you've enjoyed this brief May update. More next month.

27 April 2023

Welcome to the next development update for the Midland Main Line: Buxton and Peak Forest Extension.

This update provides our first look at one of the most exciting sections of the route, the freight hub around Peak Forest! Included in the new shots are the former Peak Forest Station, which closed in 1967 as well as the signal box at Great Rocks Junction. These two locations will become the freight hotspots on the route and are located between Dove Holes Cemex quarry and Tunstead Quarry, the latter of which is one of the largest in Europe. Not only will these quarries provide great scenario interest but the 1 in 90 gradient towards Dove Holes means that a heavy stone train has a great challenge ahead of it, to the point where trains are still occasionally banked to the summit!

Also included are a couple of images between Chapel-En-Le-Frith and Whaley Bridge and the former Wainrights Quarry. There are also two images of the scenic Combs Reservoir, this is located west of Chapel-En-Le-Frith station on the line towards Hazel Grove and Manchester.

A reminder, these images are very much Work-In-Progress currently.

06 March 2023

We're happy to be able to bring you our next update for the Here's the next dev update for the Midland Main Line: Buxton and Peak Forest Extension.

This selection of screenshots show the latest where work has taken place. The images are of the new custom Chapel Milton Viaduct (replacing the original that was included with the Hope Valley) and the sections around Whaley Bridge Station, the former Chapel-En-Le-Frith Central Station, and Dove Holes Tunnel. These screenshots provide a look at both lines that will be included with the route, with Chapel Milton Viaducts, Chapel-En-Le-Frith Central and Dove Holes Tunnel on the "Freight Only" line to Buxton via Peak Forest as well as the passenger line which runs from Hazel Grove to Buxton via Whaley Bridge.

That's it for this update, we hope you enjoyed the new images.  More to follow soon.

20 January 2023

Here's the January Dev Update for you covering Midland Main Line: Buxton & Peak Forest Extension.

The first couple of shots show the larger area between Newtown and Furness Vale. The other shots are a bit more specific and show the Furness Vale marina area and New Mills Newton Station.

Look out for more updates, pics and details in the coming months.

20 December 2022

Here's the next development update for the Midland Main Line: Buxton and Peak Forest Extension, from the Dev team. Good progress is being made on the route. We have been working on the area between Disley and New Mills and Newtown, along with Disley and Middlewood Stations themselves and their surrounding areas and their tunnels.

The first few images show the stations at Disley and Middlewood and the remainder of the shots show some of the scenery along the route. Enjoy the pics!

09 November 2022

Here's the very first development entry for our latest Midland Main Line route - Buxton & Peak Forest Extension. Here are some very early WIP screenshots covering areas such as the former Peak Forest station, Hazel Grove where the line joins the existing Hope Valley route, the Airport link road and the Norbury Hollow Crossing signal box.

We'll aim to bring you regular updates well into next year as we work towards release.

Midland Main Line: Buxton and Peak Forest Extension
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